Services Support (AMCs and SLAs)

Maintaining Performance, Ensuring Reliability: Assurance in Every Operation

Microtech is committed to maintaining the peak performance and reliability of client systems. That’s why our Service Support, encompassing AMCs and SLAs, is designed to provide comprehensive and proactive care. Our services range from Preventive Maintenance and Spares Management to Reactive and Corrective Maintenance, ensuring smooth system operations. With 24/7 Operations Support, Remote Monitoring, and regular Upgrades and Retrofits, we’re dedicated to upholding the highest standards of efficiency and reliability for client technological needs.

  • Proactive upkeep protocols, focusing on averting system failures and ensuring long-term operational efficiency.
  • Responsive repair methodologies, addressing system breakdowns and implementing solutions to restore functionality and reliability.
  • Strategic stockpiling and efficient allocation of spare parts, ensuring availability and reducing downtime in critical operations.
  • Unwavering around-the-clock assistance, providing relentless operational backing to ensure seamless and uninterrupted service performance.
  • Constant and vigilant surveillance from afar, ensuring continuous oversight and rapid response capabilities for systems and operations.